Images are small, square and do not fit - Book Your Travel

In order to maximize website performance and SEO rankings, we have implemented a way for you to set your own image sizes that would look crisp while still loading as fast as possible.

However, if you keep the default WordPress thumbnail sizes, they will upload as 150x150px small squares. 

To set image sizes up, go to Settings > Media.

Make sure to also enable "Crop thumbnail to exact dimensions" - this will ensure that all of your thumbnails will be the same size.

Please note that these new image sizes will affect only images you upload after the setting has been set. For rebuilding your previous images, you would need to regenerate your images.

We recommend using AJAX Thumbnail Rebuild, because it allows you to select what images you want to rebuild without overwhelming your server configuration and the computing power your server has available. Alternatively, you can use Regenerate thumbnails plugin to do it all at once.

Further instructions for image optimization can be found here.