Welcome to the ThemeEnergy Support Center!

Please Note Before Posting: Every time you post a new comment before we have a chance to respond your tickets gets unintentionally bumped to the bottom of the queue since tickets on our end are sorted from oldest to newest in terms of last comment posted. If you have additional comments prior to us responding, please edit them into the initial post.

Please do not submit multiple tickets for the same request, as this does not result in a faster response time.

What is not included in item support

  • WordPress general support/howto’s (please, use wordpress.org forums for that);
  • new features implementation and extending themes functionality;
  • themes modifications and customization;
  • complex individual server-side issues;
  • third-party plugins and any other things that are not related to our products directly;
  • issues particular to any specific device or browser (for example, IE8 and below)
  • help with web-sites with “adults only” content;
  • help with web-sites with any information, which undermines human dignity.