Tour Schedules and Tour types

Tours can either exist as one-off tours (they occur on a specific date(s), e.g. 5 May 2020) or as repeated tours (happening seasonally, by being repeated daily, weekly, weekdays etc. e.g. the tour runs every day between 1 May and 1 September 2020).

This one-off vs repeated nature of the tour is dependent on the particular tour's tour type. You set a tour type to be repeated or not via Admin > Tours > Tour types when you add/update the tour type.

After you setup the tour type, you have to make sure your tour is associated with the appropriate tour type by editing the tour itself and picking the appropriate tour type from a dropdown field.

If you set your tour to be associated with a one-off tour type, the schedule for the tour will only have the tour date - ie, the date the tour runs on.

If you set a tour to be associated with a repeated tour type, the schedule for that tour will have a start date and end date signifying the start and end dates of the tour season.

More information about creating tour schedules and tour types can be found in the user guide: