I am having trouble trying to configure my theme and sample data to look like your demo. Please help.

To configure the basics you should really read our documentation, as it’s all explained there. If you still need assistence, here is a basic guide:

1. Create a new WordPress installation… just follow prompts.

2. Install and activate the BookYourTravel.zip theme.

3. To import the sample data, please install the WordPress Importer plugin, so do that first:


4. After that, go to Admin > Tools > Import > WordPress and select and run the import of the sample file we provide with the download.

5. After import has successfully run, there are a couple of other things you need to configure that don’t get configured by the importer:

- Go to Admin > Appearance > Theme options and make sure correct options are configured in the various tabs. For example, in Page Settings tab, select the various pages from the dropdowns. Just browse through and click and select options, things are self-explanatory.

- Go to Admin > Settings > Reading and under “Front page displays” select static page and from the dropdown selected the Book Your Travel home page imported by plugin.

- Go to Admin > Appearance > Menus and make sure Primary and Footer menus are properly configured (more on this including screenshots in our documentation).

- Go to Admin > Settings > Permalinks and select a non-default permalink configuration – e.g. post name, and click Save to flush permalinks.

Try your website now.