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how to update automatically all Accommodation vacancies year


  • alessandro started the conversation


    I'm using your theme for a real estate website for holiday homes.

    For each accommodation I set up the prices in the vacancies.

    now after one year I need to update automatically all dates from 2017 to 2018

    so  used two UPDATE query on the tables 6d2aQ_byt_accommodation_vacancies_days

    updating the day value using  UPDATE 6d2aQ_byt_accommodation_vacancies_days set 'day'=DATE_ADD('day', INTERVAL 1 YEAR);

    and on the table 6d2aQ_byt_accommodation_vacancies

    UPDATE 6d2aQ_byt_accommodation_vacancies SET `start_date'= DATE_ADD(`start_date', INTERVAL 1 YEAR), 'end_date'= DATE_ADD('end_date', INTERVAL 1 YEAR);

    now on the tables all dated are shifted of +1 year.. but the now front end don't show the vacancies.

     all accommodations doens't show prices and seems that are not available for booking

    can you help me?


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    Theme replied


    Unfortunately there is no bulk update of vacancies feature within the theme and we cannot debug which dates have been skipped with your sql query manually.

    I recommend you create the vacancies for 2018 via the admin interface.

    Best regards,

    themeenergy support

  • alessandro replied

    so it means that your theme is useless? 

    how an real estate o travel agency that has hundreds of product can update the catalog without rebuild it?

    this is a very important feature!

    on the admin panel all vacancies are updated to 2018.

    in which other table do you store information about the vacancies?



    some other tables?


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    Theme replied


    No, only these two tables are used.


    Best regards,

    themeenergy support