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Max people per room


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    I have a room that will allow a maximum of 2 adults + 1 child.

    This means that the room can physically accommodates the following parties.
    1 Adult
    1 Adult + 1 Child
    1 Adult + 2 Child
    2 Adult
    2 Adult + 1 Child

    Now how do I set this up in Room type?  I would have to allow a maximum count of 2 adults and 2 for children. This unfortunately will allow people to book 2 adults + 2 child which is above the rooms capacity. What is missing here is a maximum persons/pax per room which is 3.

    A multi room option would also be a great idea.

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    Theme replied


    Thank you for this suggestion. We will add it to our todo list to implement in the very near future.

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